Friday, September 26, 2008

We've come to an age in Abby's life where she's learning many new things that, as adults, we may take for granted. Recently Abby has been experimenting with the idea of using a fork and spoon for her food. She definately hasn't mastered it but she sure thinks it's fun. She has also learned to put her sunglasses on by herself and she's a natural Stevie Wonder. She has also learned how to play properly with Leon instead of just laying on top of him. Here's a few pictures of our little goof-ball from the last few weeks.

Abby playing with Duke

Abby also learned how to put her jacket on. She understands the concept of zipping it up but she gets frustrated because she can't do it yet.

Stevie Wonder playing the drums.

I wonder if Stevie Wonder had Dora the Explorer sunglasses

Abby likes to try to walk Duke in the house.

Abby using a spoon for yogart. I think she has just a little bit on her face. :)

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