Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Apologies People

Yes, I'm sorry, we haven't updated in a while. Here's the scoop, as to what we've been up to lately. I try to struggle to stay up past 9 sometimes these days so we've been trying to do some more FUN things during the day when Abby and Mommy are both awake. These may be a bit out of order but you get the gist.

We took Abby to the Minnesota Zoo, she loves the Zoo. I remember when my Grandparents used to take us and we'd spend the whole day there. What a fun adventure.

Abby reaching into the water to pet a star-fish.

She needed a little boost from Daddy.

She finally touched it. It was "Squishy" she said.

Here's Duke, exposing him self in a very unflattering position. I just HAD to take a picture.

Here Abby was helping put together her Valentines for her daycare friends. She actually didn't get to pass them out, she ended up getting Croup from someone at daycare and had to stay home for almost a week. We took her to the doctor and they ended up giving her a steroid and then she got an ear infection and went on Antibiotics. Ugh, the steroids suppressed her immune system and then she was destined to get the ear infections. Not much an adjustment was going to do for that.

She still loves to go to gymnastics. Next week is the last week and family are invited to come watch what they've learned. I've personally learned that she's much more capable than I ever though a 2 and a half year old should be. She's actually really good at all the stuff they do at gymnastics.

Cuddles with Duke after a long day. Abby and Duke get along really well. She's finally at an age where she can actually PLAY with him and they both wear each other out sometimes.