Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Egg Hunting!

Ahhhhh, the Holidays. For anyone who has children, it's a fun time. But with all the fun to be had, it's exhausting and stressful. Especially when you're pregnant. So here's all the FUN we had over the Easter weekend.

We went to Bloomington where there was an Easter Egg Hunt. It was free and the community was putting it on so there was a Fire Truck Abby got to sit in.

As you can see, we all have our coats on, it was not too cold but it was WINDY. We're grabbing a little snack before we head to the hunt. (Left to Right: Jason, Duke, LouAnn, Abby, Katie, Greg)

Here's a BEFORE picture. As Jason put it, it's not really an Easter Egg "Hunt", more like an Easter Egg "Pick-up."

Before we started the hunt, there were eggs literally sitting by Abby's feet but when the guy on the megaphone said "ready-set-go" Abby took off streaking across the field of eggs passing hundreds of eggs just to pick up this blue egg on the OTHER side of the field.

Here she is putting stuff into her basket.

Although she passed several hundred eggs, she still managed to get quite a few.

The eggs were all filled with Jelly Beans. She was so proud of her loot.

Here's a random picture. Abby really likes to do my hair. She'll do my hair for 1/2 an hour. She's such a girly girl. Don't I look beautiful!!!
One day I was having a rough day and so Daddy was sweet and brought us both flowers to brighten up our day. Abby just adored her flower but then it died. I let her have mine. She loves flowers.