Monday, August 25, 2008

Funny Movies

In this video Abby is sitting next to a mouse cat-toy. She appears to be a little frightened of it but about 3 weeks ago, she would pick it up and play with it with no problem of being afraid. I don't know what happened between now and then but, she has been a bit afraid of it ever since.

As you can see, we've been spending a lot of time on our porch since most of our pictures are of Abby sitting in this chair. We got these comfy outdoor chairs from family friends which fit perfectly in our screened in porch and they're just the right height for Abby to be able to climb up and sit in.

Below is another video of her, sitting in the chair again. She picked up this bag and started yammering away for about 20 minutes. We caught the end of the 20 minutes. We're not sure what she's saying or what inspired her to be so dramatic but we think she's saying "plastic bag" ... it only makes sense ... since that's what she's yelling at.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

More Pictures

Balloon Ride Continued!!!

That's a huge Balloon!

Mouth of the Ballon

Lift off

Tried to get a shot of the fire going into the balloon. Oh well.

Beautiful Owatana Airport. This is the same airport that small airplane recently crashed.

The pilot said you could see the divots from the wings of the airplane where it skid across the ground. You could see if from the balloon but it's hard to see in this picture.

Jason sent me flowers at my internship for our anniversary. How sweet!

Abby was looking at her hair in the window. She looks like "The Fonze."

Abby wanted to put mommy's socks on, how cute!

Abby waiting for daddy to come inside (with mommy's socks on.)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Fun New Pictures!

I know we just updated the blog not too long ago but we have a few cute new pictures I wanted to put up for everyone to see. Here's a few new pics of Abby ...

This is a funny pictures we took. Abby likes to put the diaper on her head and we call it a diaper-hat because it fits perfectly on her head (don't worry, they're clean diapers).

Plus, Jason and I went on a Hot-Air balloon ride for our 3 year anniversary and people have been asking to see pictures ... so, wait no longer, here they are.

Blowing up the Balloon

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Garbage Can vs Abby

The match that took place on August 4, 2008 between Abby Paige Beal and The Bathroom Garbage Can was described as brutal by onlookers located at the Beal Township. It was a quick match which could have been worse but definitely left tears and scrapes on the young competitor Ms. Beal. The injury sustained was a long time coming but, a facial injury occurring after 1 year-of-age is a pretty good record. Final score; Garbage Can - 1, Abby Beal - 0.

As you can see, the Garbage Can sustained no significant injuries.

An unfortunate loss but look out next time Garbage Can, she'll be bigger and more agile.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Picture Time

After many weeks of no pictures, here they are!Abby and her first taste of cake, she loved it!

Julie and I never would have guessed she would be so excited to open presents.
Our DVDs are no longer safe.
A few sizes too big, but those Crocs still look good on her.
The two most important women in my life.

1 year update

Sorry for waiting so long to update. This blog is probably not going to be the best blog we've done since there will be no pictures but people have been asking us to update so here's a little something to satiate your "blogger appetite."

Yes, Abby has turned 1 officially! It was a pretty exciting day! Abby did such a great job opening presents, ooh-ing and aah-ing over every box, toy and clothing article. We also showed a quick slide show of her growth over the last year which daddy made. Abby danced to the music in her party dress and everyone else seemed to like to see how much she's grown. Later on we had cake and sang "Happy Birthday" to her. This was the first time she had really ever had cake and she knew exactly what to do with it. She got 85% in her mouth, 10% in her hair and arms and left the other 5% on the tray. After a quick rinse in the sink and new clothes, it was almost bed time so I (Julie) took her home and put her to bed. Throughout the entire day she was great entertainment.

After Abby had gone to bed, Jason and I spent a good 2 hours sifting through all the toys trying to decide which old toys to pack up and which new toys needed to be put together. It felt a little like Christmas.

All-in-all, a good day. Although, the reason we haven't had a chance to post any blogs recently has been because on the same day of Abby's party we got a letter in the mail from our Day-care provider saying she was no longer going to be providing Day-care. I don't think the severity of the situation really hit me till the day after the party and we've been very busy interviewing new providers. Abby is so attached to Vickie (our current provider), she's such a wonderful person and Abby loves the kids, it's really going to be a difficult transition to a new Day-care. However, we do think we have found someone who lives close to our home in Minnetonka that we hope will fill Vickie's shoes. We realize no one will be exactly the same or as excellent as Vickie but she will be similar and have different strengths than Vickie. Through all of this, Jason and I remind ourselves that we need to stay positive and that the challenges in life are definately what make us stronger.

Pictures to come soon!