Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Pictures

Since it's October, everyone is in swing of putting pumpkin pictures on their blogs and we decided to follow suit. We didn't go anywhere special, we just picked up a pumpkin at the Knollwood Mall Pumpkin patch and then carved the pumpkins on Tuesday night. Here are the pictures we took.

Before we left to go pick out the pumpkin.

At the pumpkin patch, the first one she sees is almost bigger than her. "Oh, I want this one mommy!" (My thoughts were, 'good grief, we can't afford that at 39 cents a pound.')

Pickin' the Perfect Pumpkin

It was a little dirty so Abby wanted to wash it off. She's such a neat freak. She OBVIOUSLY didn't get that gene from me.

We all had jobs, Abby pulled the guts out, Jason seperated the seeds and I scrapped the inside.

Abby told us what kind of expression she wanted on the face, she chose a happy face.

The finished product.

Abby was so proud.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I love Saturday's (and other pics)

I LOVE SATURDAYs ... Saturdays are family days for the Beals. We all sleep in (sometimes till 8:30) we bum around in our slippers and bathrobes, sipping coffee and just goofing around till it's time to get dressed. Here's some Saturday pictures. Some of these pictures Abby took.

Here's our slippers

Here's our Coffee, Abby took this picture.

Here's Abby's Robe

Here's the Fam, even Duke got in on the picture.

Even Duke has a Robe. He really doesn't like it though.
Also, here's a little video of Abby Doing a magic trick. She tries to copy Jason and she hasn't quite mastered the trick but it's cute.