Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I love Saturday's (and other pics)

I LOVE SATURDAYs ... Saturdays are family days for the Beals. We all sleep in (sometimes till 8:30) we bum around in our slippers and bathrobes, sipping coffee and just goofing around till it's time to get dressed. Here's some Saturday pictures. Some of these pictures Abby took.

Here's our slippers

Here's our Coffee, Abby took this picture.

Here's Abby's Robe

Here's the Fam, even Duke got in on the picture.

Even Duke has a Robe. He really doesn't like it though.
Also, here's a little video of Abby Doing a magic trick. She tries to copy Jason and she hasn't quite mastered the trick but it's cute.

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