Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Beal kind of Christmas

 Andrew got a new hat!
 Abby wanted to use the camera so these are a few pictures she took.

 Abby LOVES LOVES LOVES her little brother.

Look, I can sit all by myself! 
Santa hat!
 New Clothes at grandma Beal's

 Awesome new Bumbo Chair from Grandma and Grandpa Peterson
 4 Generation Picture
 Marbelous game from Grandparent Peterson's.  SO much fun, even for mom and dad.

 When we go to the mall, sometimes Abby gets a Hot chocolate treat.  Super cute.
 Static Much?
Whole Santa Suit

We also got the change to carry on the legacy of the Beal family portraying the Holy Family but we need to get pictures from my parents of the event.  

Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Random Pictures

We haven't been able to post much lately simply because we've been so busy.  So, before Christmas comes around, I figured I should get the rest of these photos on the blog before I have a whole additional slew of pictures for Christmas to put up. 

I forgot I hadn't finished putting up the halloween pictures.  Here is Abby at the pumpkin patch, getting ready to pick out her pumpkin.

This is the one she decided to go with.  She also picked out a baby pumpkin for Andrew.

Abby's Favorite part, taking out the guts.

The final product.

Off to Sunday School.  How Adorable.

First Snowfall!

Abby loves her little brother.  I was going to put him to sleep and had him all wrapped up and ready to go and I went into the kitchen for a split second and Abby had decided to start reading to Andrew and he was listening intently to her.  She's a really good big sister and he can't take his eyes off her.

Boy, she sure has him wrapped around her little finger.  Daddy's girl for SURE!

 Andrew has started to be able to follow things and he is REALLY interested in Duke.  He's also started to roll side to side.  It's amazing how different his personality is from Abby.  She was so girly from the get-go and Andrew is very much a boy.  He'll roll around on the floor and wrestle with his toys.  It's pretty cute.
Like I said, Abby loves her brother so much and you can tell he loves her too.  She's the one he's always looking for and she's the one that can make him laugh the most.  She loves to read to him and she always needs to know where he is.  I can't wait to watch them grow up together. 

Here's a short video of Abby making Andrew laugh.  Don't mind the drool, he's teething (yes, teething ... at 2 months, that makes for a fun time nursing.)