Saturday, May 26, 2007

31 or is it 33 weeks?

So Julie just had what should be her 31 week check up with doctor Block. However Julie is currently measuring 33 weeks along. Dr. Block believes the baby just had a growth spurt but to be sure we will be going in for an ultrasound in two weeks to verify. Julie has been really tired and has an high pulse so she had her blood checked for hypothyroidism. Her results came back borderline and we will be rechecking again in a few weeks.

Last weekend (May 19th) Julie had her second baby shower with our mothers, family friends, and all her friends from Northwestern school of Health Sciences. We got a lot of great stuff and we really appreciate all the gifts we received. Because of all of the great gifts we got we were able to finish filling the nursery and we have attached a few photos of the baby's room. Our dog Duke also made an appearance in one of the pictures. Something else to take note of is the art on the walls. These are actually Julie and My art projects from elementry school that we decided to frame and use to decorate the baby's room.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

29 weeks in

Today was the next scheduled visit for Julie and the baby with Dr. Block. Everything is looking great and the doctor is already telling us to be ready becuase this baby is going to be mover and shaker as she is is already very active. We are also half way through with our birth and parenting classes and learning a ton. This week we found out one of our classmates had to have an emergency C-section 2 months early as she had Toxemia. It is scary to think that if problems were to arise we could have this baby any day. But no worries things are going great! We do have the constant back and hip pain but Julie is suffering through like a champ.

The picture with todays blog entry is off little baby Beal's feet.