Thursday, May 10, 2007

29 weeks in

Today was the next scheduled visit for Julie and the baby with Dr. Block. Everything is looking great and the doctor is already telling us to be ready becuase this baby is going to be mover and shaker as she is is already very active. We are also half way through with our birth and parenting classes and learning a ton. This week we found out one of our classmates had to have an emergency C-section 2 months early as she had Toxemia. It is scary to think that if problems were to arise we could have this baby any day. But no worries things are going great! We do have the constant back and hip pain but Julie is suffering through like a champ.

The picture with todays blog entry is off little baby Beal's feet.

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  1. Hey guys, love the blog!!! I will check it often. I love that we are so close in due dates (about 6 weeks different since I am 23 weeks tomorrow). What fun to have the babies so close together. Hopefully we can get back to MN enough so they can grow up together. If you guys need anything we are here (advice, support, or just an ear to chat to). See you soon