Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer Fun with the Beals

It's been a while since I've blogged on BabyBeal blog site but ... we seem to NEVER get any comments. I hope people are reading out there. Oh well, if not, this will just be a documentary that Abby can look at when she gets older.

ANYWHO ... our summer has been busy especially with the baby coming along sooner than later. Because the baby is coming soon, we've been trying to do some fun things with Abby so she doesn't feel left out or lost in the mix of her new baby brother.

Here's some pictures of what we've been up to for the past month or so.

The Children's Museum of Minnesota is a really fun place to explore. Here's Abby on the Wobble boards, learning about balance. Of course, she already knows quite a bit from Gymnastics.

They had a huge ant hill that Abby thought was really fun to crawl around in and find all he nooks and crannies. Here we were in a cave and it was dark so she wasn't quite prepared for me to take a picture.

This is what Abby would look like if she was a turtle.

Abby and a Skunk puppet in the Marsh playroom.

Here's a place Abby could have played at ALL DAY if we would have let her. It's a market and a diner. Abby and Daddy hard at work mopping the floors.

This place was really neat, she took a cart and went shopping and Daddy rang up the total cost for her groceries.

Abby with her cart of groceries.

Because mom is supposed to eat healthy and get a serving of green veggies per day, we found a smoothy recipe that had SPINACH in it. "WHAT?! SPINACH" you say, "that's crazy." Yes, it was crazy but it was REALLY good and Abby loved it as you can see it's all over her face.

I see a trend here, this must be her "Paris Hilton" Pose.

It was really warm one day so Grandma and Grandpa Beal got out the pools. (yes, 2 pools-plural) Here is Abby sunbathing.
This pool was the cold pool, the other was the "hot tub" cuz it was smaller and the sun heated it up faster.

There's the Paris Hilton Pose again! That's all for now folks.