Thursday, July 29, 2010

Abby's Birthday

Abby turned 3 years old on 7/18.  We had a small birthday party for her at Jason's parents house.  She got ALL sorts of fun toys etc.  She's such a lucky girl not only because she got so many gifts but because she's surrounded by so many family members that love her so much.  Thank you to everyone that could come and celebrate. The pictures aren't the greatest but it's hard to get a 3 year old to look at the camera when there's so many cool new toys etc to look at.

Jason made Abby's cake, she was very specific, she wanted Chocolate cake with Chocolate Frosting, Whipped Cream and Cherries on top so that's what daddy made her.

Several pictures of Abby opening presents.

Daddy lighting the candles.

Thanks again to all who could come, Abby is so lucky to have you all in her life.

Love Always~The Beals

Sunday, July 4, 2010

First Family Vacation

The weekend before the 4th, my parents were kind enough to take Abby, Jason and me up to a cabin resort in Hackensack Minnesota!  This was our first official family vacation.  It was interesting to have to plan out, how we were going to get there (3+ hours away) since Abby has only been in the car for a max of about 45 minutes but she did very well.  We drove over her nap time assuming she'd take a nap ... but even though she didn't nap at all, she did not have any break downs on the way there or back.  Here's a picture of Abby with daddy's swim goggles on while we were packing our things to go.  

 When we got to the cabin resort, the first thing we noticed was that there were domestic BUNNIES hopping around the camp ground.  The owners of the resort had lots of bunnies and just let them run loose around the site. They were very friendly and Abby even got to feed and pet some of them.  Abby named this one "Silly Bunny" because he lived under our cabin and we saw him/her most frequently. 

One of the first things Abby wanted to do when she got to the resort was go swimming.  Daddy was a champ, he got right into the water with her.  They had slides and paddle boats and a huge trampoline (that Abby was too little to go on).  She could have spent all day, every day in the water if we would have let her.

One day we went into the town of Hackensack, and saw Lucette.  Did you know that Paul Bunion had a wife?!  Well, lucky Lucette is Paul's wife and she's located in Hackensack MN if you'd ever like to meet her, she's a big gal.

Abby also got to experience catching a fish and learning the virtues of what it means to "fish".  Several rules like being quiet or you'll scare the fish, waiting patiently for your bobber to go down and sitting still or you'll give Mom and Grandma a heart attack on the dock.  :)

Abby did end up catching a fish or two off the dock but the real fun came when she was able to fish from the pontoon out on the lake.  The fish were bigger and more aggressive. 
What's a cabin vacation without a bunch of s'more on your face?

Everyone caught fish while we were out on the lake.  There's even a little video of Abby reeling in a fish that daddy caught on her new purple princess fishing rod.
Daddy got to drive the boat.  How exciting!
Abby thought it was so neat to look off the back of the boat and watch the waves.  Here's a picture of Mommy and Abby while the boat is moving.  I love this picture.

All in all, the vacation was a great success.  We now know our little family can be mobile.  The next trip we might take we might try to go to Duluth for a weekend and see the boats.  Thanks again Mom and Dad for a perfect first family vacation!  It couldn't have gone better.