Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Where has the time gone? We haven't posted many new pictures lately so here are a few cute ones from the past 2 months or so.

Jason replaced the alternator on my's car a few weeks ago and Abby decided she wanted to help so Daddy suggested she use the tools to fix her own car. It's funny because if you were to ask her if she can drive a car she'd say "yep, I have my own car that I drive, it's red." (If you can make this picture bigger, you can see that she's wearing some of my safety goggles that I had for chemistry class in college. I knew those would come in handy some day. :) )

Abby wanted to play dress up so we took out her new dress up clothes she got for her birthday and then I took out some old clip-on earings from my days of dress up at Grandma Gerry's house. She loved the noise they made when she turned her head back-and-forth. Biz and Bobby probably recognize these earings too.

Quick picture with Mommy. I have no idea how she became such a girly-girl. I was more of a tom-boy growing up. Hopefully she likes playing sports cuz she's doomed to play soccer if she like it or not. (kidding) You can't see it in this picture but she even has her fingers and toes painted bright red, what a glamor girl.

This picture reminds me somewhat of Tom Cruise in "Risky Business" (Sort of ...)

This kid has quite the sense of humor. She's pretty much ALWAYS happy. I'd say she's either laughing or smiling at least 95% of the day. Amazing.