Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Give me Candy!"

On October 31st, Abby learned how to demand candy from the neighbors. We only went to a few peoples houses around Jason's parents and my parents houses since it was so cold. We'd been talking about trick-or-treating for about a week before we actually went and we even did a test run right before we left with Daddy and Abby out on the porch and Mommy inside waiting to hand out the candy if the right words were spoken ... but, of course, the first house we went to, my little Cinderella Princess toddled up to the door, knocked with her mittened hand and yelled, "GIVE ME CANDY!" She had the concept right I guess, needless to say, by the end of the night, she'd figured out what the magic words REALLY were.

Here are some pictures of my little Cinderella Princess, dress courtesy of my Mom. THANKS MOM!!! (Theres a few other random pictures as well, hopefully they make you laugh.)

Kinda of a Fuzzy picture but it's definately Cinderella.
Checkin' out the pumpkin.

This is the lady that heard her yell "Give me Candy!" She thought it was pretty funny.

Even though she's 2, she still likes to cuddle. Mommy really appreciates this. Cuddles before bedtime.

Someone needs a haircut. Abby or Mommy? By the way, I heard from Jason that no-one can tell that that's my hair on Abby's head. I'm standing behind Abby with my head upside-down resting on her head. It's not a huge wig, it's really my hair. :)