Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our peanut is 2!!!!!!!!!

Well actually she was 2 yesterday but I didn't get a chance to update then so I thought I better today! A lot has been going on in the Beal house since the last time we updated the blog. We are still working on potty training and Abby has been wearing big girl underpants in the evening and on the weekends. She is doing pretty well, although today she had 2 accidents within and a few hours but other than that she has done great. Abby has also stopped using her sippy cups and started using regular cups. It took a few days but she has it down and almost never spills. Today will be her actual party and we will get some pictures up of her from the party, but until then here are some pics we took over the past few weeks.

Just being silly!

She loves our friend Bargmann's motorcycle.
In fact everytime he rides it to our house she insists on sitting on it.
If rambo was a 2 year old girl I think he would look like this. The best part of this get up is the fact she picked it out and dressed herself.