Monday, June 30, 2008

Almost 1, but not quite!

So, it's about that time to update the blog again. We've had several people asking about it so since I'm (Julie) home on Mondays I thought I'd be productive while Abby is napping and give our audience an update.

Recently we've had a rather crabby-Abby on our hands, not to mention lots of biting and drooling. (Gross, I always told myself I'd never have a drooly kid, boy was I wrong.) There's nothing we can really do about it, the drool keeps coming and coming. So, the other day I decided to daringly put my fingers in her mouth and check things out and sure enough, Abby is getting her first molars. (So, that means at least 10 teeth total.) I could only keep my finger in her mouth long enough to inspect the bottom molars so, we're not sure if they're coming in the top as well but there's definitely two on the bottom. That explains the massive amount of drool, biting and crabby-ness for sure!

Despite the bothersome new teeth, Abby is doing well. Her new favorite thing to do is read/look at books. Her sign language is coming along well and she's even saying a few words such as DaDa, MaMa, BaBa and Ball (sounds like Baa but close enough.)

That's about it for now, enjoy the pictures!

Abby got a play cell phone and she loves it!

Mommy's mean and had to take a picture because Abby had a noodle in her hair and didn't know it. Ha Ha!

Abby playing with her alphabet magnets on the new fridge.

This picture was taken specifically for Doug and Kathy so they could see the new kitchen tile back splash. Looks nice eh?! Also notice the newly refaced cupboards and new counter top.

Abby playing peek-a-boo in mommy and daddy's closet. Where's Abby?

Here's Abby pushing her cart around the kitchen.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Fun time in the summer!

We are all loving the sunny days we have been getting lately and Abby can't get enough time outside. She loves to pick up every rock she sees and pull every blade of grass she can get her hands on. She has traded in her walking shoes for running shoes these days and she is getting pretty quick. One of her knew favorite games is to peak around a corner and when she sees Julie or I she will squeal and run and hide. It is really funny and of course adorable. For father's day Abby and Julie got me a new Timex Ironman watch as well as a kit to make a hand print mold which Abby and I put our hands in this weekend. Other then that things are about same, Abby still make us laugh everyday and it is great to watch her learn and grow.

Wearing her summer jump suit and ready to get outside in the sun.
Don't worry she crawled in there and closed the door herself, just look at that grin.
Playing outside with some water and toys, this was Julie's idea and Abby loved it.

Here is a video of her getting all wet and getting some sun.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fast and Furious Update!

Abby is changing so rapidly that we've decided it's time for another update. This may be a shorter blog but the content will be high quality with several adorable pictures as always.

First of all, through this entire blog, not once have we mentioned that we've been teaching Abby how to do some baby sign language. So far she's mastered "ba ba" (bottle), "food," "teddy" (her favorite stuffed animal), "bath" and "ball." A few that we're working on are; sippy/water, kitty and dog.

Recently at daycare she's been trying to give her pal Zoe (the next oldest kid at daycare) hugs and kisses. The daycare provider (Vickie) says it is adorable.

Abby has also decided she no longer likes to eat baby food. Although she will still drink 6-8 oz of bottle in a sitting, baby food is not on her menu these days. She eats several solid foods, including her favorite - peas, and we're trying to maintain a healthy diet but adding some sweet things so her tummy will be able to tolerate a little bit of birthday cake soon.

PS, this blog is free but comments are quite the encouragement to post new stuff! (wink-wink)

Everyone's gotta love a naked baby! Abby being a cheeseball in the kitchen.

Funny faces!! She's really good at this one.

Quick dodge to the right! She was almost too quick to catch her in this picture.

Precious moments with dad.

This evening she was in rare form. She likes to get naked and run around once in a while. Jason said she was getting back to her "tribal roots." (Are there even tribes in Scandinavia? )