Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The fastest 6 months of our lives!

On January 18 Abby Paige Beal turned 6 months old, it might not seem like a big deal but to us it was. It is hard to believe that 6 months has come and gone so quickly and that our baby girl is growing up so fast. As usual Abby has been very happy and playful and these pictures and video show what she has been up to.

This is a video of Abby "clapping" or at least that is what Julie and I think she is doing. She seems to do this multiple times and day and usually when she is excited.

Here is a picture of Abby playing in her cool fort, she got this before she was even born.And here she is sitting up all by herself, this is new within the past week. She was shaky at first but now she will sit for 30 minutes all by herself playing with her toys or the case of this picture her doggy slippers.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Well, I figure I'd update the blog today since we've had some more news. Nothing to horrible but Abby had her first "throwing up" experience. For those of our readers who don't have children and might not think this is too eventful ... I will explain.

For the past few days Abby hasn't been eating very well (hard to believe considering how much she likes her peas) and it was even a struggle to get her to eat 4-5 oz of bottle when she usually eats 6-8 oz. So, she hasn't been eating well and on Tuesday evening Abby threw up 5 oz of formula while she was sleeping. Obviously this woke her up and she started screaming. I would have started screaming to if there was regurgitated formula in my eyes and running down my neck!

The next day she was very lethargic and not acting like herself because she had been crying periodically throughout the night and didn't sleep very well. Not to mention she hadn't been eating well for the past few days so she didn't have a lot of energy to burn. So, after throwing up again after her Wednesday morning bottle, Jason took her to the doctor who proceeded to tell us that she had a virus. (What a waste of money for some old geezer of a doctor to spend five minutes with her and diagnose her with a virus.)

Anyways, long story short, Abby is doing better now after some TLC and constant feeding every 2 hours of about 2-3 oz of bottle.

Poor little sweet-heart. At the least we know that from this experience she is building up her immune system and hopefully won't be sick for a little while longer.

No pictures as of right now but we will post some new ones within the next few days.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Yummy Peas!!!

Not a lot of updates right now but we do have some funny videos we just had to share. This first one is of Abby eating peas, from this video you would think we never feed the kid! And you have to watch it with sound, she is very vocal about her peas.

This video is of Abby playing with a toy she got for Christmas. She loves music and mirrors so this toy is one of her favorites.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A very merry Christmas and a great new year!

The holiday madness has finally past and we have time to update the blog again. Christmas was a lot of fun for our whole family this year. While Abby didn't really know what was going on she looked great in the dress Grandma Peterson bought for her and has loved all the great gifts she received on her first Christmas. Let's just say, she is spoiled rotten by everyone and made out very well her first time around.
The new year was also good, Abby stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Beal so that Julie and I could stay out late. As always she was a peach for them and enjoyed her time at their house. Julie and I also enjoyed being able to sleep in as late as we wanted. Neither of us had been up as late as were since Abby was born!
Other big news in Abby's life is that she has now started eating a variety of solid foods. So far rice cereal, peas and sweet potatoes have made their way into her belly. She loves peas and sweet potatoes and gets very excited when she starts eating them. That is all for now, we have added some pictures below of Abby being her cute self.
Here is a picture of Abby and I reading before bed. Most nights Julie or I read to her, she seems to really like it.
Abby got this fun toy from Great Uncle Robert and Great Aunt Nancy.
And this is just a cute picture of Julie an Abby.