Sunday, December 20, 2009

A few Pictures

There's been a lot of snow recently so Abby and Mommy are gettting ready to go outside.

She's ready!

Abby LOVES to dress up, here is a close up, there is a cute video of her dancing below.

Here's another, how cute. Gotta love the matching shoes (not really matching) but she loves them.

Mommy thought it would be fun to put Duke in Abby's skirt. haha

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Trees and other stuff.

I saw that we haven't updated the blog for a while so I figure I'd get some videos and pictures up for all to see. Enjoy.

Abby likes to "Hide" under the blanket and have Mommy come find her. It never gets old.

If you ask Abby to make a funny face, this is the face she makes.

Abby in her Thanks Giving Day Dress. How pretty.

Abby Airplane. She'll probably still be doing this when she's 10. It's one of her favorite activities. She always requests that Daddy give Mommy an airplane after she gets one. She thinks it's hilarious. (it is pretty funny.)

Here's our $15 Christmas Tree from Menards! Pretty Snazzy!

Trying to get a cute picture infront of the tree but for some reason Abby kept patting Jason's tummy.

Abby wanted a picture of her and her dolls in front of the tree.

Our stockings. My mom made each one of these. Mine is from when I was a kid, Jason's was when we got our house together and Abby's is a gift from my mom 2 Christmas's ago.

Funny Quote from Abby:

"Mommy, I ate the crud" interpretation: Mommy, I ate the crust (referring to her sandwich)

We took this movie of Abby one night after she got home from daycare. We did not teach her to say these things and she says Tommy at daycare taught her this joke. Also, Abby is excited to see her cousins from Oklahoma too.