Monday, May 10, 2010

Wow, 108 Days to go ...

I read my little "pregnancy meter" and it said 108 days to go ... that's kind of scary. :) I figured I should post some of the pictures we got from the ultra sound.

Here's a picture of my belly on the day we went to the ultrasound.

Here's the proof!


Another profile

Ten Toes!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Since Abby is too young to travel much yet, Jason and I have taken separate vacations for the past 2 years, that way, Abby is always at home with mom or dad. Soon, we will be able to take vacations together once we know Abby can tolerate road trips. But, our recent trips were to California (Jason) and Montana (Julie). Here's some pictures of our trips.


It was a 2 day vacation, very short but sweet. Spent with good friends, this is Emily.
This is Meghan.

We went to a small town at the mouth of the Bear-Tooth Path going into Yellowstone called Red Lodge, there were a bunch of little shops and we ran across this candy store. Very SWEET!

Red Lodge used to be a mining town, you can see a mine shaft up in the hills.

What a view, from left to right; Meghan, Jen (from WI), Emily, Julie, Ashlee (From MT).

Pregnant lady in the mountains.
Small waterfall.


Is that a REAL guard??

Scenic View

Bicycle built for 4!

Joe Cool at the winery.

More Wine! (And a Dave Bargmann)

Lots of Wind Mills in CA.

We'll leave you with these pictures of a fairy we found in our yard. We decided to keep it, it was too cute to leave outside.