Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weekend Outings

For the past few weekends our family has been keeping VERY busy and we've been taking a lot of pictures to document the fun/busy times we've been having. We've been trying to keep our family busy because Abby always has so much energy on the weekends and when you're cooped up inside all day, the weekends get really long so the first excursion was an outing to the Como Conservatory. Here are the pictures from that trip.

Here's Abby on the way to Como. She looks pumped to be driving all the way to St. Paul. Although the picture doesn't look like she's excited, she actually was. We got to go through the Minneapolis tunnel on hwy 94 and Abby read her books on the way. She did very well for a semi-long drive.

Abby and Daddy looking at the waterfall in the conservatory.

Look at all the fish!

Mommy trying to be Artsy Fartsy with the Camera except Abby wasn't looking. Oh well.

More fountains.

Oooooh, pretty flowers. The flowers below are Star Gazer Lily's which were the main flowers at our wedding.

Sunbathing Turtles


The next weekend we went to the Bell Museum which is not a museum full of bells but a museum of Taxidermy. Yes, that's right, literally a museum of hunted, shot and stuffed animals. It sounds gross but it was pretty neat because they put the animals in areas that look like their natural habitats. They also have an area where you can touch and feel all sorts of different animal furs and they even have a few live animals too.

Abby standing in front of the Bear Den

Walking on a fake bog. it was squishy and kind of bouncy.

Cool antlers dad. I think those are moose antlers.

What kind of bones are those that they are sitting on? Well, since I'm going to be a Chiropractor in about a month, those are back bones, otherwise known as VERTEBRA, from a hump back whale one of the biggest animals in the world! (I just HAD to get a picture of those huge vertebra).

Look at them, they're bigger than my head!

Here's another one, this one might be from an Elephant or something of that size.

Look at all the different sizes and shapes! A-mazing!!

Here's a little video of one morning before we went on our trips. It's just cute cuz Abby is talking so much and is so active. She's just plain outright adorable.