Monday, September 14, 2009


So, Jason got some sweet FREE tickets to the Arboretum through work and a few weekends ago, it was BEAUTIFUL outside and we decided to utilize the weather and use the tickets. Here's a bunch of the pictures we took. I highly recommend going here, it might be even more beautiful during the fall season. Enjoy the pictures.

Abby sitting by the water fall, "Cheese"

Another Waterfall

Vine Flowers

Koi Pond, Abby couldn't get enough of these fish.

More Fish!

Abby and Daddy sitting by the pond.

Some of you may know that Jason has a tattoo of a Abby's name with her birth flower, we just happened to find her birth flower growing at the Arboretum. It is called a Larkspur lily.

Little Miss Abby Pants walked the entire time. She was such a trooper, she found ALL the water fountains.

These were the biggest petunias I've ever seen. I just had to get a picture of them.

Daddy and Abby in one of the Japaneese gardens.

Statue of Mother and child in the Hasta Garden

Daisies ...

Stair Climber ...

Abby has 1 speed to keep up with mommy and daddy ... and it's not run, it's not walk, it's JOG. She basically jogged the entire time we were there.

Quick picture with mom between the hanging trees before we go home. Mom is always the one taking the pictures so it's rare to get one with Abby and Mommy together.