Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A few pictures

Here's a few pictures from the past month. Sorry it's been a while since we've posted any pictures.

Abby LOVES fettuccini alfredo. Yummy!
Abby and Mommy looking at the fish at the MN Zoo. I remember going here with my grandparents all the time.

We watched the fish for a good 20-30 minutes.

Looking at the animals.

Abby and Daddy (without the flash.)

Abby and Daddy (with the flash, you can see Abby's face in the glass.)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Another Mile Stone

I realize we haven't been keeping up with Abby's blog recently so I thought I'd post a little something inbetween patients while I'm at clinic.

Last night Jason and I went out for a function at my school and Auntie Katie was watching Abby for the evening. The instructions were pretty typical, 'she's already eaten, play with her, give her a bath if possible, put her to bed.'

Well, I was so bummed because when we got home, Katie said Abby did just fine except for one thing. SHE POOPED IN THE TUB!!! MAN!!! I can't believe I missed it. It wasn't diarrhea, I guess they were pretty hard ... I chuckle to myself out loud when I think about Katie holding Abby over the tub while trying to control the situation. I'm seriously bummed that I missed it though. I always assumed she'd poop in the tub at one time and I secretly wanted to be amongst it all when it happened. Oh well. Katie did a fantastic job and handled it well. THANKS KATIE!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Reading with Daddy. Yes, she does have a Sweet Martha's Cookie bucket on her head.

Halloween wouldn't be complete without Mom and Dad dressing as Ernie and Bert from Sesame Street!

Nice Uni-brow Bert!

This is a video of Abby walking outside to our car. The video is titled, "Fallen Angel." You'll see why.

I also wanted to thank my mom for helping with the costume. I wish I could take credit for the whole thing but my mom, being the talented seamstress that she is, sewed the little dress with the feathers. For years, she used to make my brother and I costumes and they were always perfect. Now continuing the tradition, it was perfect. THANKS MOM, YOU'RE THE BEST!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween pictures! Super Cute Angel. She reminds me of precious moments dolls. We went to my school where they had a bunch of fun activities for the kids. Nothing Abby was able to do but she sure liked to watch the other kids run around.