Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Some Quick Funnies from Abby

Here's a few quick funny things we've experienced with Abby this past week.

Mamabeal, "Abby, what do you want for lunch?"
Abby "Um, I think I want a cheese gorilla."
Mamabeal, " ... a what?"
Abby, "ya know, a cheese gorilla."
Mamabeal, "ya mean a 'cheese TORTILLA'?"
Abby, "yeah, a cheese gorilla."

Abby playing with Andrew in the living room, Jason and Mamabeal in the kitchen.
Abby, "Oh, Andrew, you're so silly sucking on my finger.  You want to put my finger in your mouth? How 'bout my toes?  DAD, CAN I LET ANDREW SUCK MY TOES?"
Dad, "What?  NO, you canNOT let Andrew suck your toes!"
(the realization of what was just said sets in and hysterical laughing sets in.) ROTFL

Abby had a fever yesterday so in the morning we sent her downstairs to grab the THERMOMETER so we could take her temperature. 
Mamabeal, "Abby, what's taking so long?!"
Abby, "just a minute, I'll be right there."
Abby comes up stairs with Andrews baby moniter and plops it on the bed.
Mamabeal, "Where's the thermometer?"
Abby, "it's right here, you told me to get the momitor."
Mamabeal, "I wanted you to bring me the THER-MOMeter, not eh MON-iter."  LOL