Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A very merry Christmas and a great new year!

The holiday madness has finally past and we have time to update the blog again. Christmas was a lot of fun for our whole family this year. While Abby didn't really know what was going on she looked great in the dress Grandma Peterson bought for her and has loved all the great gifts she received on her first Christmas. Let's just say, she is spoiled rotten by everyone and made out very well her first time around.
The new year was also good, Abby stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Beal so that Julie and I could stay out late. As always she was a peach for them and enjoyed her time at their house. Julie and I also enjoyed being able to sleep in as late as we wanted. Neither of us had been up as late as were since Abby was born!
Other big news in Abby's life is that she has now started eating a variety of solid foods. So far rice cereal, peas and sweet potatoes have made their way into her belly. She loves peas and sweet potatoes and gets very excited when she starts eating them. That is all for now, we have added some pictures below of Abby being her cute self.
Here is a picture of Abby and I reading before bed. Most nights Julie or I read to her, she seems to really like it.
Abby got this fun toy from Great Uncle Robert and Great Aunt Nancy.
And this is just a cute picture of Julie an Abby.

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  1. Love the pictures. You're right the music toy looks familiar!!! Tyson isn't quite bit enough to enjoy it unless we are holding him, but soon enough I am sure. Glad you guys got a chance to get out and celebrate the new year, kidless. Don't make the mistake we made and pass up a babysitter when you have one. You need time to yourselves to keep your marriage happy too. A happy husband and wife make a more happy mommy and daddy!!! We had to learn that one the hard way!! Love you guys!!