Monday, June 16, 2008

Fun time in the summer!

We are all loving the sunny days we have been getting lately and Abby can't get enough time outside. She loves to pick up every rock she sees and pull every blade of grass she can get her hands on. She has traded in her walking shoes for running shoes these days and she is getting pretty quick. One of her knew favorite games is to peak around a corner and when she sees Julie or I she will squeal and run and hide. It is really funny and of course adorable. For father's day Abby and Julie got me a new Timex Ironman watch as well as a kit to make a hand print mold which Abby and I put our hands in this weekend. Other then that things are about same, Abby still make us laugh everyday and it is great to watch her learn and grow.

Wearing her summer jump suit and ready to get outside in the sun.
Don't worry she crawled in there and closed the door herself, just look at that grin.
Playing outside with some water and toys, this was Julie's idea and Abby loved it.

Here is a video of her getting all wet and getting some sun.

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  1. Ahhhhh, I love the videos!!! I have the same picture of both my kids in the dog kennel too!! How funny that they like to do that. (I also recognized the swim suit that Abby is holding in the first picture!!! I loved that suit!!! It was Emma's first. Good memories, good to see someone else getting some use out of it!!)