Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fast and Furious Update!

Abby is changing so rapidly that we've decided it's time for another update. This may be a shorter blog but the content will be high quality with several adorable pictures as always.

First of all, through this entire blog, not once have we mentioned that we've been teaching Abby how to do some baby sign language. So far she's mastered "ba ba" (bottle), "food," "teddy" (her favorite stuffed animal), "bath" and "ball." A few that we're working on are; sippy/water, kitty and dog.

Recently at daycare she's been trying to give her pal Zoe (the next oldest kid at daycare) hugs and kisses. The daycare provider (Vickie) says it is adorable.

Abby has also decided she no longer likes to eat baby food. Although she will still drink 6-8 oz of bottle in a sitting, baby food is not on her menu these days. She eats several solid foods, including her favorite - peas, and we're trying to maintain a healthy diet but adding some sweet things so her tummy will be able to tolerate a little bit of birthday cake soon.

PS, this blog is free but comments are quite the encouragement to post new stuff! (wink-wink)

Everyone's gotta love a naked baby! Abby being a cheeseball in the kitchen.

Funny faces!! She's really good at this one.

Quick dodge to the right! She was almost too quick to catch her in this picture.

Precious moments with dad.

This evening she was in rare form. She likes to get naked and run around once in a while. Jason said she was getting back to her "tribal roots." (Are there even tribes in Scandinavia? )

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  1. I love it when you guys update with info and pictures, and nice work on the sign language! That will be very valuable.