Monday, June 30, 2008

Almost 1, but not quite!

So, it's about that time to update the blog again. We've had several people asking about it so since I'm (Julie) home on Mondays I thought I'd be productive while Abby is napping and give our audience an update.

Recently we've had a rather crabby-Abby on our hands, not to mention lots of biting and drooling. (Gross, I always told myself I'd never have a drooly kid, boy was I wrong.) There's nothing we can really do about it, the drool keeps coming and coming. So, the other day I decided to daringly put my fingers in her mouth and check things out and sure enough, Abby is getting her first molars. (So, that means at least 10 teeth total.) I could only keep my finger in her mouth long enough to inspect the bottom molars so, we're not sure if they're coming in the top as well but there's definitely two on the bottom. That explains the massive amount of drool, biting and crabby-ness for sure!

Despite the bothersome new teeth, Abby is doing well. Her new favorite thing to do is read/look at books. Her sign language is coming along well and she's even saying a few words such as DaDa, MaMa, BaBa and Ball (sounds like Baa but close enough.)

That's about it for now, enjoy the pictures!

Abby got a play cell phone and she loves it!

Mommy's mean and had to take a picture because Abby had a noodle in her hair and didn't know it. Ha Ha!

Abby playing with her alphabet magnets on the new fridge.

This picture was taken specifically for Doug and Kathy so they could see the new kitchen tile back splash. Looks nice eh?! Also notice the newly refaced cupboards and new counter top.

Abby playing peek-a-boo in mommy and daddy's closet. Where's Abby?

Here's Abby pushing her cart around the kitchen.


  1. Nice work in the kitchen!!! Very nice!!! Love the lady bug outfit too!!! That was definitely my favorite for that size group!!! Abby is a beautiful girl. Hopefully her teeth will come in soon and the drool can stop!!

  2. Birthday party pictures???? I'll be patient, I know you are busy!!! We are dying to see the cake fiasco!!!