Thursday, August 21, 2008

More Pictures

Balloon Ride Continued!!!

That's a huge Balloon!

Mouth of the Ballon

Lift off

Tried to get a shot of the fire going into the balloon. Oh well.

Beautiful Owatana Airport. This is the same airport that small airplane recently crashed.

The pilot said you could see the divots from the wings of the airplane where it skid across the ground. You could see if from the balloon but it's hard to see in this picture.

Jason sent me flowers at my internship for our anniversary. How sweet!

Abby was looking at her hair in the window. She looks like "The Fonze."

Abby wanted to put mommy's socks on, how cute!

Abby waiting for daddy to come inside (with mommy's socks on.)

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  1. It still amazing me to have to have a glimpse of where we will be with Tyson in just one month (of course Abby is walking better, but...). Balloon ride looks like fun. A dream of mine as well. Happy Anniversary. Sorry I missed it with a card!!