Monday, August 18, 2008

Fun New Pictures!

I know we just updated the blog not too long ago but we have a few cute new pictures I wanted to put up for everyone to see. Here's a few new pics of Abby ...

This is a funny pictures we took. Abby likes to put the diaper on her head and we call it a diaper-hat because it fits perfectly on her head (don't worry, they're clean diapers).

Plus, Jason and I went on a Hot-Air balloon ride for our 3 year anniversary and people have been asking to see pictures ... so, wait no longer, here they are.

Blowing up the Balloon


  1. The more frequent posts the better! We love seeing new pictures.

  2. YEA for balloon pictures. That looks an awesome time. Abby is looking cuter than ever. You diaper heads.