Saturday, September 6, 2008

Single Parenting!

This is going to be one of those boring posts that doesn't have any pictures.

So, Jason has gone to New York with some friends until Wednesday the 10th of September and I am going to be a single mom for those few days. Now, just to make things clear, I'm not complaining because I know there are many people doing this every day and I only have to do it for a few but I know this is going to be a difficult task for me and Abby to get through.

First of all, Abby just started a new day-care last week thus, she's been very clingy and a little more crabby than usual. The new day-care is very convenient because it's about 2 blocks from home but there's not as many kids and most of the kids are younger so they're not quite as entertaining. I also think the day-care provider might underestimate Abby's intelligence because she's never been around a 1 year-old quite as smart as Abby (I may be biased) :). So, when she gets home from day-care, she needs LOTS of attention and interaction. If anyone has suggestions about getting her more involved in daycare, let me know.

Second of all, this coming weekend on the 13th, I'm taking my part III Chiropractic Boards exams and granted, I have been studying a lot, it never quite seems like enough especially during the week before so ... it looks like Wednesday-Friday I'll be studying quite a bit when Jason gets home.

Thirdly, I just started a new internship which actually may be more of a pro then a con, considering my last internship was horrible. At least with this internship, I'm not working on the weekend otherwise I would have had to find someone to watch her this weekend. Thank goodness for that!

Lastly, my cousin is coming into town, from Oklahoma, with her family which we rarely get to see. We're meeting them on Wednesday right after Jason gets in from New York. I was just trying to remember the last time we saw them and I think it was when I was about 8 months pregnant so ... at least 14 months ago! Wow, it's going to be nice to see them and meet her 1 year-old son, Tyson, and so Abby can meet their family as well. I'm so excited for them to FINALLY meet. I'm sure Abby will get along with both but I have a feeling she's going to like Emma a lot since Abby is such a girly-girl.

Well, that's all for now. I've gotta go shower since Abby is finally sleeping. It's the small things you don't think about until you become a single parent for a few days. Oh, how I appreciate my husband. Lots of love to all!


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