Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Alright, it's been a few days and Jason has yet to put any pictures of his New York trip on the blog so I'm doing it for him. Instead of writing about it, I'll have you take a quiz instead. It's more fun this way and this way, hopefully, we'll get some feedback on the blog. Here's a little background on Jason's Trip.

Jason went on vacation to see the great state of New York with two friends, James Seale and Dave Bargmann. They were gone from Sept 6-10th and stayed at a church that some friends that live in Brooklyn.

Let's begin the Quiz!

What is the name of this bridge?

Where was this picture taken?

True or false, the boys did not get off to see the statue up close and personal?

Who won this game at the Mets stadium?

What is the name of this painting hanging in the Museum of Modern Art?

Where did Dave's legs go?

What is significant about this lady Jason is sitting next to at Ripley's Believe it or Not?

What famous wall is James standing in front of?

No prizes for getting all the questions right, just the pride that you probably know more information than the average bear.


  1. 1) Brooklyn Bridge
    2) Time Square
    3) False
    And that's all I can even venture a guess on, although the other pictures are pretty cool. I want to hear the explanation of that lady Jason is sitting next to.

  2. That is Ling Ming, she has the worlds longest neck.

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    1. Brooklyn Bridge
    2. Time Square
    3. True, the boys did NOT get off the boat to see the statue up close.
    4. The Philly's won the game.
    5. The name of the painting is "Girl with Ball" How orriginal.
    6. Dave's legs are behind the mirrors.
    7. Ling Ming has the world's longest neck, how sexy.
    8. James is standing in front of part of the Berlin Wall.