Thursday, September 18, 2008

So, as promised, here are some updated pictures of Abby. She's officially 14 months old now and still growing like a weed. Everytime friends come over, they all comment on how big she's getting even if it has only been a week since they saw her last.

Abby has not only been growing physically but she has also been growing intellectually. She is saying all sorts of words such as; her name, baby, kitty, puppy, more, Ta-Da, mama, dada, papa, peepee, poopoo, potty (the kids at daycare are potty training), and many other words. She's also learned to jump in place which kids aren't typically supposed to be able to do until they're 3 years old.

Daycare is starting to get easier but it's still a challenge taking here there every morning. I honestly think she has finally gotten into the routine of being at Susie's but it has now become a habbit for her to cling to us when we drop her off so we're trying to figure out how to break that habbit. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. :)

Here's some pictures from the last month.

Abby with Mommy's shoes on, that's another word she likes to say "SHOES!"

Abby under her chair

My cousin (Barbara) came into town with her husband and kids. Tyson is exactly 1 month younger than Abby and it was fun to see them together. As I thought, Abby really liked Emma (my cousin's oldest). I thought this was a good picture of the proud Grandpa Peterson's.

This is an adorable picture of my other cousin Elizabeth with Tyson.

Tyson dancing to Chuckee Cheese music.

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  1. We had such a good time in Minnesota and it was such a blessing to finally meet little Abby. She is such a smart and wonderful little girl. I am proud to call her family. You guys are doing a great job with her. It was so fun to see her and Tyson together. Oh what good times I am sure they will have together in the future. Emma enjoyed seeing Abby too. Hopefully it won't be another 14 months before we see you all again.