Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We got a sicky on our hands.

For the past 2 days our Abby girl has been under the weather. She has a cough and a fever and just not herself. Julie had to pick her up from daycare around noon on Tuesday and she didn't go to daycare today. We have our fingers crossed that she will be able to go tomorrow, she didn't have a fever when she went to bed and tonight she was acting more like our normal crazy kid. As Julie posted on mamabeal earlier this week there is nothing worse then a sick kid. As a parent you feel helpless, especially when you take the kid to the doctor and they have no good advice other than "give her Tylenol." Plus when a kid is sick, they don't sleep well which means you don't sleep well and everyone is crabby in the morning. Luckily Abby seems to be feeling better which will mean more sleep and most important and happy healthy 15 month old running around our house again.
Abby and Julie outside our house with our freshly carved pumpkins.

Gotta love that hat.
She loves buckets.

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