Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Growing up!

We haven't updated the blog for a while so I figured I would do that today while I'm have the day off.

Abby is 15 months now and she's turned some new leaves. First of all, she's mimicking everythig we say. Not everything really sounds like words but if you listen closely and use your imagination, you can tell that she's trying to say just about everything.

Along with her mimicking, she is also learning different animal noises such as a horsey, pig, cow, sheep, snake, tiger and several more. It's fun to see her point to animals and associate them with the noise they make.

She has also taken up some art's and crafts activities. We recently bought her a little essel for her to use her color crayons on. She is slowly learning the colors and she seems to like purple the best.

Here is a little story which you'd probably find on "Kid's say the Darnedest things."

Now, obviously Abby still needs to be monitored while she's coloring so, Jason and I get in on the activites of coloring with her. Well, we were all sitting at the table and the crayons were strewn around Abby and Jason wanted to use the red crayon sitting right next to Abby.

Jason said, "I'm gonna snake this red from you ..."
Without skipping a beat, Abby said, "sssssssss!" With a big smile.

Kids say the Darndest things! How cute. We laughed hysterically.

We don't have many new pictures but we'll upload some more later.

Abby with a Sweet Martha's Cookie Bucket on her head. Sorry thsese are both kind of grainy.

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