Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fun New Pictures!

Here's some new pictures we've taken within the last few weeks. Abby is officially 15 months old now. Within the last few weeks she's become quite a hand full. I think she gets that from me (Julie). :)

Abby and Dan playing blocks.

Abby playing with play dough. She likes to squish it.

More Play Dough.

Abby with Mommy's hat on.

Abby reaching for the camera.

Abby performing one of her many dare devil moves.

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  1. Thanks for making me a CD, thuggin' it is okay at least for my time running. That's the kind of stuff I need since I got rid of all that stuff when the kids came!! Whatever gets you motivated to keep going, that's what I want!!! PS> The shoes make a huge difference!!! I am running farther and with much less pain than before!!! Totally worth the drive and time and money!!