Monday, March 17, 2008

She's Mobile!!!

On the eve of her 8th month birthday Abby has become a crawler. She may not be really smooth yet but she has the fundamentals down. She has also recently learned how to pull herself up to standing in her crib. Which forced me to do a quick adjustment of the crib and lower it to the lowest setting so Abby can't make any quick get aways.
This weekend Grandma Janis, Grandpa Dwight and Julie took Abby to get some professional pictures taken. While I haven't seen them yet I am told they are adorable. The pictures will be done sometime later this week and we will get a few of them up on the blog for everyone to see.
That is it for now but as always below are some pictures of Abby from the last few weeks, as well as a video of her tracking down one of Julie's skeletal radiology papers!
She is pretty juiced about whatever is on the T.V.

Here is Abby after a night on the town with Leon (black cat in back).
She even got some Mardi Gras beads!

Don't need to say much about this one.


  1. Now the adventure begins!!!! Mobility is a beautiful thing, but it also adds a whole new set of worries. Before you know it she will be whizzing around the house faster than you can blink!!!! Have fun. It is a wonderful time, but stressful too as she can now get into many more things. Good Luck!!!

  2. gGOOD JOB, Abby!!!!! We wish we were with you on Easter. Cousins Biz and Greg will give you hugs for us. Sometime SOON you need to meet your cousin, Tyson. What a day that will be.

    Love to you all, Aunt Nancy and Uncle Robert