Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New Opportunities!

Since Abby has started movin' and cruzin' life, for her, has changed quite a bit. She is so excited to see every little bit of the house that she hasn't had a chance to explore until now since she's been crawling.

Duke and the cats have a little more run for their money and are still getting used to the whole "mobile baby" rotine. For instance, Abby likes to crawl over to Duke while he's playing with his toys and take them from him. He's such a good boy and deals with it.

The TV stand is a fantastic place for Abby to crawl up to and stand next to. She started pulling movies out of the TV stand so now they're pushed back out of her reach. It will only be too soon before we'll have to move them up higher instead of back further.

Not only is anything at her level of vision full game for playing with but the stairs are exciting as well. It seems like we may have a little dare-devil in our midst. She's only 8 months old and she LOVES climbing the stairs to see the baby in the closet mirror at the top. Not once does she ever look behind her to see a potentially tretchorous fall. (Mommy does enough worrying about falling for her to even care.)

Although all seems fine and dandy, she has taken a few spills so we ended removing our glass coffee table from the living room. Now there's plenty of extra room to fine-tune her crawling skills. Although she still shows signs of wanting to walk, she is starting to realize that crawling isn't so bad.

We do have pictures to show but we will put them up later this week. Stay tuned for more of Baby Beal, coming soon to a blogspot near you.

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