Monday, February 18, 2008

7 Months old!!!

It seems every blog I write has something to do with how fast Abby is growing up.....and this one will be no different. Today Abby is 7 months old and I just can' t believe that she has been in our lives for 7 months already. I was just telling Julie that it seemed like yesterday she was 3 months old and her being able to hold up her head was big news. Well the big news these days is that Abby is getting ready to move! You can tell all she wants to do is crawl and move herself around. She is working on it everyday but so far all she can do is get up on hands and knees and rock back and forth.
Also right now Abby is battling a nasty cold which has got the poor kid producing snot like a factory. And she absolutely hates getting her noise wiped, so it can be quite the chore for Julie and I to get her little nose free and clean of boogies. Although Grandpa Beal seems to have the technique down as he is the only person who has been able to clean her nose without her screaming.
As always below are some pictures we have taken of Abby over that past week.

Is that Abby playing at her music station or a little old lady playing the slots?
She is ready to roll!
Taking a bath in our kitchen sink, it is nice and deep so she fits perfectly.
Abby and me looking at some big fish at Como Zoo, she loves fish.
Abby in her "big girl" stroller, her first time in it and she did great.

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  1. Thanks for the new pics!!! I love seeing Abby and picturing where we will be in a month!!! Looks like she is ready to start moving soon!!! Watch out world here she comes. That is a huge step cause they can get into so much more stuff before you even know they have moved!! Good Luck. Hope you are surviving the weather, school, and work!!!