Monday, February 11, 2008

Precious Pics!

Hey everyone, not a whole lot report this time around. Abby is doing well and continues to grow and learn new things. I feel like a broken record but she has just been an angel like always and continues to amaze and capture the hearts of everyone around her. Below are some new pictures Julie and I have taken over the past few weeks.
Abby playing with toys and looking cute.

Gotta love that little grin.
A Father's undying and unconditional love.
(after all her name does mean "her father's joy.")


  1. Wow!!! That'a commitment. I love it. Is it on your leg or arm? Looks like your leg in the picture. Abby is one beautiful little girl!!! Her eyes are gorgeous!! Miss you guys!!

  2. OOOPS spell check. Sorry, it should say "That's" a commitment. Sorry