Monday, May 30, 2011

8 Months!

 It has been a while since I've updated the blog and looked through all our pictures but here's a bunch from the 8th month of Andrew's life.  A lot has changed with Andrew.  He's gone from sitting stationary to mobile and getting into everything.  Makes life easier sometimes not having to lug all 20 pounds of him around all the time but also harder because I've constantly got to keep an eye on him to make sure he's not getting in too much trouble.
 Fuzzy picture but getting ready to go outside (in April)
 Eatin' some lunch!
 Pretty girl in a pretty dress.
 Abby got this CD book set a long time ago and she's just gotten a chance to use it.  She LOVES it.

 Daddy Time.

 When Andrew gets tired, he likes to put his face on his blanky.
 Blanket monster.
 Outside Buddies! (May)
 First time flying a kite!
 Merry Go Round at Mall of America
Abby's such a good big sister.  She loves her brother, always wants to show him things.  Here' they're reading together.  Andrew loves her back.  Hopefully they continue to bond throughout the years.

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