Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Brrrrrrage of Pictures!

Brrrr, it's been a cold few months.  I haven't gotten around to updating the blog recently so here's a slew of picures from the past 2 months.  ENJOY!
 Jason's job is to clip the kids nails.

We went to the conservatory when it was cold out to get a nicer "tropical" vibe.

Abby and Daddy built a fort (more like Daddy built it and Abby played in it.) When Jason was finished, he told her to go in and check it out, she responded by saying, "Welp Chief, it looks like we're just about done!"

Play time! Andrew couldn't sit up on his own in the above picture but about a week later, we took the picture below.

My little mad-pie!

I gave him a Mo-Hawk one day.

Aw, my Pretty girl.  She was pretending to be Daddy and "Work on Reciepts" at the computer.  She's getting so Grown Up.
We re-instated the Peterson Doughnut day a few weeks ago.  here's the boys, hard at work.

Abby helped cut the doughnuts out pretty much the whole time.  She had lots of fun.

It was even more fun to eat them though. :)

It was just as fun as I remember it being when we were kids.  It will have to be an annual event.  Mmmm doughnuts.

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