Sunday, April 26, 2009

The thing about being a parent ...

Today we took a trip to the grocery store and we were on our way home and I (Julie) looked in the rear-view mirror of the car to see Abby pulling something yellow and mooshy out of her mouth and Abby said, "icky mommy, I burp." Instantly I pulled off to the side of the highway and within a millisecond, Abby puked 3 times while strapped into her car seat. It was disgusting and the rest of the ride home the car smelled like puke, but, that's the thing about being a parent. No matter how gross it was, the only thing we cared about was making Abby feel better.

The other thing about being a parent is learning to "wing it." We weren't really sure what to do when she was throwing up and since she did throw up, our weekend plans for this Sunday night were completely thrown out the window. Oh well, that's the thing about being a parent.

Before today, I had planned on updating the blog with a some cute Abby-isms that she says all the time so on a lighter note, here's some cute things Abby says.

"Duke did it." (doesn't matter, if you ask who did it, it was always duke.)

"Baby Jesus and Baby Blake." (Abby's response when we ask her what her baby dolls are named.)

"Peecuz." (translation: Because.)

"No me don't." (translation: No I don't.)

"Big cuck." (translation: Big Truck)

"Now my no more A B C's ..." (translation: Now I know my ABC's ...)

"It's lellow mommy." (translation: it's YELLOW mommy.)

"Wewon is a kitty" (translation: Leon is a kitty.)

"Ony peepo goto Susie's. No Duke." (translation: Only people go to Susies. No Duke.)

"NO Daddy." (translation: I've got you wrapped around my little finger so tight that I will ALWAYS get what I want.)

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  1. Keep an eye on her with this swine flu thing that seems to be going around. I have only heard about suspect cases in MN but that doesn't mean its not already here