Monday, April 20, 2009

Loving the outdoors

So we have been spending a ton of time outside these days. There is nothing like releasing a toddler into the warm sun after 6 months of keeping her cooped up inside! Julie and I love the warm weather but Abby just eats it up. She would spend every waking second outside if we let her, which makes for an interesting time trying to get her back into the house. Well here are some pictures from the last week of Abby living it up in the great outdoors.

Grandma Beal was able to find a FREE sandbox, it has quickly become one of her favorite things.

Here she is getting really dirty, one thing that sucks about nice weather is the fact that we can't get away with a bath every other day anymore. In fact right after playing in the sandbox it was right in the tub, she had sand everywhere.

My Jellybean!

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  1. She's got so much hair all of a sudden. So glad it has warmed up for you guys!! There is nothing worse than toddlers stuck inside!!