Saturday, November 17, 2007

"Luke I am your Father!"

As some of you know Abby hasn't been herself the last week. About 6 days ago she started having the symptoms of a common cold, we never would have guessed that "cold" would send us to the hospital. On Thursday Abby was running a 99.8 temperature so we called our Pediatrician and were told to bring her in on Friday. So I took the day off and Julie and I took Abby to the doctor. Well after 2 hours at the Pediatricians office we were told they were admitting Abby to Children's Hospital because she had RSV (Respiratory syncytial virus). So after being quite shocked we went home and packed our bags for what our doctor told us could be one night or up to two weeks depending on how she Abby did the first night. Once we got to Children's we sat in the ER waiting room from 2:15 until 4:30, once in a room they put Abby on oxygen to bring her O2 saturation up. When we first got in the ER her levels were at 85% when they should be no lower than 92%. She was so good, every doctor and nurse who saw her couldn't take their eyes off her and kept telling us how cute and good she was. At around 9 o'clock we were moved to a room where Abby would be staying. Unfortunately only one of us could stay at the hospital with her, so I stayed and Julie went home. While Abby slept great, I didn't. At about midnight we got a roommate, another baby with RSV. Due to RSV being so contagious a baby with RSV can't be in a room with a baby who doesn't have it. Anyway, Abby did great and they took her off her oxygen around 2 a.m. and she her O2 levels never dropped below 90. So to everyone's excitement they let us go home Today around 2 in the afternoon. We are so happy to be home and we can tell Abby is feeling better. She is her normal bubbly self and make Julie and I smile and laugh almost all the time. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers, and for those of you we will be seeing at Thanksgiving we can' t wait to see you.

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  1. We are so glad you all are home togehter again!! Good job cathing Abby's before it got too bad!!! Two weeks in the hospital would be pure torture for everyone I am sure! RSV is definitely going around, my best friend in Pensacola just got a diagnosis for her 9 month old of RSV. Lets hope we all stay healthy the rest of the cold and flu season.