Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Abby is almost 4 months!!!

Well this blog is going to be a short one as we have been really busy with school and work, not to mention taking care of our little peanut Abby. Abby is continuing to grow and learn, but unfortunately growing means teething. For the most part she is extremely happy but occasionally has several day spans where she is very crabby and has intense drooling as her teeth are trying to come in. So far she has no teeth to show for her pain but both Julie and I got our first tooth pretty early so we expect hers to show up in the next month. She is also beginning to master the use of her hands and regularly grabs items and shakes them around. Her favorite toy is a little doll who's head ends up in Abby's mouth as soon as she grabs her.

We know the favorite part of the blog is the pictures so here are a bunch. Oh and Abby wants to thank Emma for letting her borrow some of her old clothes, she really looks cute it them especially the pink and white butterfly onsie "It looks wonderful darling!"

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  1. We are so glad to see you are getting some use out of Emma's clothes. It make sense for someone to be using them instead of just sitting in our attic. Enjoy. I love seeing Abby and realizing that we will be in the same spot you are in just a month. By the way Tyson is starting to do the drooling thing too!! YIPPE, I love early teethers (Emma had her first tooth at 4.5 months). Good luck, a cold wash cloth (like almost frozen) was always Emma's favorite thing to chew on.