Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mark Your Calendars!

As you may have noticed last week we didn't put up a new blog due to no significant changes. But let me tell you things certainly have changed this week. On Wednesday we had another appointment with Dr. Block, and this is when things got interesting. Dr. Block noticed how uncomfortable Julie was and how she hasn't had any contractions yet. And with the baby being the size they believe her to be Dr. Block decided the best course of action would be to schedule Julie to be induced around in the evening of Tuesday July 17th. In order to do this there had to be a stress test done on the baby to make sure she was up for her epic journey into our lives. During this stress test the baby would not sit still and the MA's were having a tough time tracking the babies heart rate. Just as a precaution Dr. Block sent us to the hospital to get things checked out there. Once there Julie was hooked up to a fetal monitor for about 45 minutes to track the babies heart rate. Everything looked great but they still had us do an bio-physical check the babies gross and fine motor movements. She passed that test with flying colors and they the nurses at the hospital sent us home with a clean bill of health and no concerns as to the babies well being.


  1. Calendar marked
    Phone ringer on LOUD
    Prayers are being raised
    Family and friends waiting to be "WOWed"

    Bring on BABY BEAL!!! Love, Aunt Nancy

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  3. How exciting for you two!! My prayers are with you - wishing and praying for God's blessings :)

    Sara Kelzer