Saturday, June 30, 2007

In the home stretch

Nothing too exciting to report this week. The last doctor's visit went well and everything is looking great. We had another ultrasound just to check the size of the baby and she has continued to grow very rapidly. Currently she is estimated to be 7 pounds 4 ounces, which put her in the 90th percentile. The funny thing is her head is average size but her belly is almost off the charts. One thing is for sure, she is getting enough nutrition. Julie still isn't dialated but again things are looking good. She also thinks she has had a few contractions but still isn't 100% sure they are contractions or just the baby moving around.

While we still are about a month away from the due date we have almost everything in order. We are registered at the hospital and our bags are packed just in case we get a late night wake up. Julie is currently working very hard to get her school stuff organized as her finals are about 2 weeks after the baby is due. She has already worked out early test times with several of her professors. Sorry there aren't any new pictures this week but we didn't have anything new to post.

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