Saturday, January 15, 2011

Baptism and other sorts ...

Andrew was baptized last week! Here are the pictures from the event.

 Dan (Katie's Fiance) is Andrew's Godfather
 Meghan (my Maid of Honor in our wedding and long time friend) is Andrews Godmother.

 Just a cute picture.
 Abby being silly and showing me her food.
I had to throw in this last one, it's a picture of some egg shells.  We get our eggs from a lady who has free range chickens and they're usually a light brown or pink in color on the outside but this egg was RED!  It was completely normal when we cracked it open but I've never seen an egg with such a beautiful red color. (yes, I'm weird.)


  1. I think I would have taken a picture of a red egg too! Also that photo of Andrew is super cute :)

  2. It looks like Andrew was enjoying his time in church. Congratulations to you and to him. Thanks for the pictures.

    Uncle Robert