Sunday, October 3, 2010

First 2 weeks

For the last two weeks, we've been trying hard to get in the groove of having 2 human beings that are dependent on us.  It's obviously been more difficult than it was with 1.  Not only have we been trying to comfort both of our babies but Abby started a new daycare the same week the baby came home.  She has been having a more difficult time than we thought she would.  We had planned on having the baby and then about 2 weeks later having Abby start the new daycare so she could get used to having the baby around.  Unfortunately, God thought it would be better to have it all happen in the same week.

So, with all the new baby stuff, Abby has had a rough time.  One night she wet the bed, she's been calling for us in the middle of the night, it seems like she constantly talks about how she doesn't like the new daycare yet, at the same time, she'll tell us about all the fun things she did that day.  She has had several temper tantrums about things that she's never complained about before, she is indecisive about what she wants and doesn't want which can quickly turn into an argument/tantrum.  She loves her baby brother and constantly wants to hold him.  She's very proud of him but I fear with the daycare change, her world has literally been turned upside down.  It's hard for mommy to have to take care of the new baby and then have to watch my big baby's world be so rattled.

To make matters worse, today she's constipated and throwing up.  GREAT!  My poor baby #1.  I feel helpless because I'm trying to keep Abby away from Andrew and myself.  The last thing I need is a vomiting Baby #2 and myself vomiting with my incision.  :(

Anyways, here's some photos of Andrew that we've taken over the past 2 weeks. 

 Andrew and Daddy just laying around.
 Abby and Andrew snuggling, like I said Abby adores him!
 My little guy and me taking a quick snooze.
Just a funny picture of him passed out from a long day.


  1. Abby is a smart little girl, she will figure out how this big sister thing works and it will be smooth sailing from there . . . we all did :)

    Hope things are on the up swing there. Thinking of you all and sending healthy thoughts!

    Biz and Greg

  2. Hope things are getting better with Abby. The picture of her and Andrew is absolutely precious! It looks like she is quite the loving big sister :)