Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My One and Only Daughter

So much hubbub has been going on with the "new baby" that we have slightly neglected updating this blog.  My little Abby Dabby has been such a trooper through this entire pregnancy, she's so patient and even wise beyond her years some days.  It amazes me when I have no patience and she continues to make me smile and remind me that "only God knows when the baby will come Mommy."  (I should be the one telling HER that.  She's so smart, I couldn't ask for a better big sister for this stubborn little baby boy.)

Here's a few pictures of what we've been up to, it's not much but Abby never fails to be adorable with her "Paris Hilton" poses. 

We wanted to "walk" as much as possible one day and we decided to walk around a community garage sale.  We came across a church that had a huge blow up slide, Abby thought it was so much fun.  She's such a little dare devil.

Here she is with a sucker from the garage sale.  She did so well the entire time we were there.  She even got herself a book about Dinosaurs that she picked out herself.

Here's Abby playing "Fairy" she loves all things glittery and girly.

Of Course she had to show me the back.

Since Mommy can't be to physical besides walking, we took to making a project of wooden doll house toys.  Daddy and Mommy helped put them all together and then we painted them.  (Notice Abby wearing her "I'm the big sister T-Shirt.)

This coming Monday Abby will be going to a new daycare.  We found someone that we really like and she even has a curriculum which is "pre"-Preschool.  Changing daycares might be kind of difficult but we've made it sound so exciting, Abby got to pick out a NEW BACKPACK and FOLDERS to bring to "school" with her.  The transition may be hard but this new daycare is not only cheaper but it's a lot more structured and they do a TON of activities.  She'll come home with lots of projects and be tired out for sure.  (Not the greatest picture but it's TinkerBell on her backpack.)

Here's my little Ham-Ball.  She's such a sweety pie.  Every time she hugs Mommy, she says, "maybe if I squeeze hard enough, it will help the baby come out."  I sure hope she's right.

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